screen enclosureWho doesn’t love a screened-in porch? It’s a place where the whole family can enjoy warm, bug-free summer nights with food, games, and conversation. Or maybe a private yoga/meditation session before the kids get up? The possibilities are pretty endless.

But the benefits of a screened enclosure in your home go beyond just keeping mosquitoes out. So for those who are skeptical that the cost is justified by the potential advantages, we’d argue that the benefits far outweigh the expense. Here are some of the reasons we think adding a screened enclosure is a smart, financially-savvy idea:

  • Raise your home’s value

A well-built, aesthetically pleasing screened-in porch adds overall square footage to your home, therefore increasing its tax value and appraisal. Screened porches with all the bells and whistles, like ceiling fans and sound integration, can drive your home’s value even higher. Functional outdoor spaces are also trendy and popular in today’s market.

  • Boost your home’s curb appeal

A professional contractor can add a screened porch to your home that looks like it was built in the original construction. This will make your addition flow nicely with the existing features and add interest to the front or back of the home. Potential buyers love the extra details, and your home having a screened porch may be the one thing that sets you apart from others if you ever decide to sell.

  • Protection from the elements

Let’s face it, being outside in the full elements is uncomfortable and possibly even dangerous. Shade is definitely required in the hot Florida summers, and a screened porch is the perfect solution to staying cool and sunburn-free. The addition of a ceiling fan can move that thick, humid air around and make the outside more pleasant than the AC!

  • Added family space

Family game night in the living room is fun, but a family game night out on the screened porch is better! Shake up the status quo and take the fun outside -snacks included!

  • Great entertaining space

For the adult-only nights, screened porches can give you a great entertaining space away from sleeping little ones with no worries about bugs in your cocktails!

  • Perfect for nature lovers

It should be no surprise that screened porches can be the perfect place to bring the outside inside with potted plants, flowers, herbs, and even veggies! Flex your green thumb to your friends with some bright, colorful foliage, or be trendy and eco-friendly with an assortment of plants native to your area. You can even make a small dent in your grocery bill by having fresh vegetables and herbs available right at home.

The pleasure of having a screened porch is so much more than just the added monetary value to your home the added cash sure doesn’t hurt! If you are in northern Tampa and considering adding a screened enclosure to your home, Screen Man Pasco offers beautiful patio rooms, Lanai enclosures, mobile home screens, and backyard screen rooms that will make your home the envy of the whole block. Call us at (813) 702-4931 to set up a free screen estimate today.