Screen Enclosures HelpUV rays are no joke here in Florida. Our proximity to the equator means we get bombarded with UV rays almost constantly, leading to widespread skin cancers. In 2018, over 8,000 Floridians were diagnosed with melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer. That is the second-highest case rate in the entire United States. Keeping UV rays at bay is crucial for our health and longevity.

However, outdoor living is a mainstay here as well. As the name “Sunshine State” implies, we enjoy our bright, sunny days year-round and think of our outdoor porches and patios as liveable areas. Adding UV protection in the form of screening is an easy and economical way to make these spaces safer and increase curb appeal.

You might not think of your screened porch when thinking of ways to prevent cancer, but a covered and screened outdoor area can provide lots of protection from the sun’s deadly rays. Depending on the knit and darkness of your screening, it can prevent 30-80% of UV rays from entering a screened room. Choosing a darker screen with a very close-knit keeps the most UV rays out. Different screen materials also have different UV blocking abilities, so work with your screen installer to choose a material that works for your aesthetic and UV protection needs.

Screen manufacturers realize the unexpected role their products play in preserving health and have gone above and beyond to find new ways to improve the UV resistance of their screens. Solar is a new screen type that includes extra UV protection. In addition to blocking out more harmful rays, some of these new-age screen materials can even prevent heat gain and lower your utility costs!

When you’re ready to talk about screening in your outdoor spaces, call Screen Man Pasco for a quick, no-obligation estimate. We’ll guide you through all your screening options and help you make the best choice for your home, family, and budget.