Hot Florida Months tampaPatios in Florida are like ice in Antarctica – they’re everywhere! Outdoor living space is a must for Florida real estate, but keeping those outdoor spaces like patios can be a tough job in this oppressive heat. Here are our top ways to keep your patio cool through those hot, humid Florida months:

  • Be shady

The most obvious way to beat out the Florida sun is to add a covering to your patio. You have several options to consider for a patio covering. You may decide to go all out with a full roof and screened-in walls with shades, or opt for something lighter like a pergola, awning, shade sail, or umbrella (a large one, of course).

  • Add your own breeze

There is no need to wait for a breeze to flow over your patio…just install ceiling fans in a covered patio or floor fans if your patio is uncovered.

  • Get a little misty

Patio misting systems are popular for a good reason. They are easy to install, affordable, and make you feel like a kid at a waterpark! They don’t use much water, can be turned off when not in use, and can considerably lower the temperature of your patio.

  • Get your drink on

Do you really need a reason to install a bar? Having chilled refreshments at hand will actually keep you cooler on your patio.

  • Change your decor

The summer sun here in Florida can turn patio tiles into hot plates. It’s important to have outdoor decor that not only looks good but also releases as much heat as possible, especially if your patio is uncovered. Opt for lighter colors in both paints and furniture used outdoors as this will reflect more heat. There are also really cool paints available now that are proven to reduce surface temperatures where they are used.

  • Bring the AC outside

For those who are die-hard AC addicts, evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, may offer the best patio cooling option. These machines pull in warm air, cool it down, and then blow it directly on you! They cover an area similar to a window AC unit and are affordably priced since they use evaporation to cool the air.

No matter what cooling option you choose, you’ll enjoy the hotter months of the year much more by keeping your patio temperature in check.  If you’re in or around Pasco County, FL, and ready to screen-in your patio or another outdoor area, call Screen Man Pasco at (813) 702-4931 to discuss your options. We offer everything from traditional screened-in rooms to Lanai screens to backyard enclosures, so we’re sure to have a solution to meet your needs.