Constructing a screen room in the back of your house is one of the best and most affordable investments you can make, especially considering that the room can be utilized in every season. Here’s what you should know about the benefits and possibilities of a screen room behind your home. 

Screen Room in the Summer

You don’t need to be reminded that summers in the south are extremely hot, sunny, and filled with insects. These three conditions can all be resolved with a simple screen room. Since a screen room shields you from insects, rain, and even the harsh sun, you can still enjoy yourself when the thermometer is reading 90 or 100. Simply install a ceiling fan, and you’ll be set!  

Screen Room in the Spring and Fall

Spring and fall are the mildest seasons, so the chances are that you’ll want to spend as much time outside as you can. A screen room makes the perfect place to relax because you won’t need to worry about bugs, debris blown in the wind, or any other weather elements that the changing seasons bring. 

Whether you’re out there in shorts or a sweatshirt, you can lounge with comfort. Try furnishing your screen room with comfortable chairs and a table to make it even more useful to you and your family. Bring out games, books, and puzzles for great family bonding time in the fresh air. 

Screen Room in the Winter

If you live in Florida, even the winter remains mild, and you can just put on an extra layer before settling into your screen room. However, if you do want to capture more heat during the winter months, you can consider installing removable glass panels over your screens. These glass panels will prevent cold air from making your screen room uncomfortable, and they can be taken out as soon as the spring begins. 

Is Aluminum the Best Option for Construction? 

Aluminum is one of the most widely used metals in construction, and for a good reason! It is lightweight for its size, making it easier to use and less expensive to ship, but it is still incredibly strong and durable. In fact, aluminum doesn’t rust, so it requires far less maintenance than other building materials. Aluminum’s resilience and ability to flex under loads and spring back from impacts make it the perfect choice in hurricane-prone states like Florida. 

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